Revolutionizing Manufacturing

A scalable, cross-industry, networked-information Smart Manufacturing Platform is needed to integrate existing and future plant-level data, simulations and systems across manufacturing seams to orchestrate business real-time action. Driving down real and perceived risks of evaluation and adoption to advanced manufacturing sensors, controls, and other technologies will be enabled. An open architecture will attract entirely new communities of solution providers to merge with and enhance existing solutions.

The DOE Project

This Clean Energy Manufacturing contract is a $11 million project to start developing the nation’s first open Smart Manufacturing technology platform for collaborative, industrial, and networked-information applications.The prototype Smart Manufacturing Platform under development will facilitate real-time sensor-driven data-analytics, modeling and simulation.

Smart Manufacturing

21st Century Smart Manufacturing (SM) enables all information about the manufacturing process to be available when it is needed, where it is needed, and in the form it is needed across the entire manufacturing value-chain to power smart decisions. Islands of efficiency become interoperable, networked, and resilient solutions to drive transformational manufacturing enterprise performance for any size, level of technical sophistication, or resource availability at low cost.

SMLC Comprehensive Approach to Manufacturing




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