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About Us

“Key SMLC goals are to move beyond “one-off” solutions and provide the manufacturing industry with the ability to continually modernize, innovate and adopt disruptive approaches that have been severely limited by a lack of open infrastructure.” – Denise Swink, SMLC CEO

The Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) is a non-profit organization comprised of 45+ institutions across industry, academia, manufacturing consortia, national labs and government. SMLC enables stakeholders in the smart manufacturing industry to form collaborative R & D, implementation and advocacy teams for development of the approaches, standards, platforms and shared infrastructure that facilitate the broad adoption of manufacturing intelligence.

SMLC supports the manufacturing industry through pursuing a comprehensive technology that no one company can undertake. Without a modern industrial infrastructure, adoption of SM Systems is not economically viable. Process control and automation systems implemented in piecemeal fashion will continue to limit innovation and capability. SMLC will build the business, interoperability and technology models, demonstrations, infrastructure, and project teams across multiple industry segments.

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SMLC’s Vision and Mission

SMLC will lead the industrial sector transformation into a networked, information-driven environment in which an open Smart Manufacturing Platform supports real-time, high value applications for manufacturers to optimize production systems and value chains, and radically improve sustainability, productivity, innovation and customer-service.

SMLC will create, develop, support and evolve a cloud-based, open architecture manufacturing infrastructure and marketplace through the collaboration of manufacturing thought leaders to:

• Enable the 1st open industrial manufacturing application marketplace
• Integrate existing and future plant level systems and data
• Facilitate superior real-time manufacturing performance
• Accelerate the development and deployment of reusable applications
• Provide an open and secure infrastructure that is accessible, flexible and affordable to all
• Make advanced manufacturing technologies more affordable and accessible
• Embrace evolving business needs and new market opportunities agilely
• Attract the best innovators in a synergistic environment

DOE Project Smart Manufacturing(SM)

A prototype of the SM Platform is being developed under the EERE supported project “Industrial Scale Demonstration of Smart Manufacturing Achieving Transformational Energy Productivity Gains”, also known as “Project SM”. The SMLC provides overall project guidance to ensure an industry-driven and comprehensive approach to manufacturing.

The Smart Manufacturing platform will integrate information technology, performance metrics, and models and simulations driven by real-time plant sensor data. This integrated platform allows manufacturers to optimize energy productivity in real-time, and, in turn, reduce waste  up to 30%. The SM platform would allow manufacturers to evaluate and assemble a rigorous system of monitoring and process control regardless of company size or industry type.The overall objective is to develop an industry-accepted Smart Manufacturing Platform that can be scaled to a diverse set of manufacturing operations

The SMLC’s Platform development approach uses industrial test beds to ensure it is driven by industry needs. The first two test beds funded by the DOE cooperative agreement will be at a General Dynamics Army Munitions plant to optimize forging/machining/heat treating manufacturing line and at a Praxair Hydrogen Processing plant to optimize steam methane reforming furnaces.